Tenant Waste Outreach Started

As the end of the spring quarter approaches, students living off campus are often faced with moving out and being unsure what to do with the couch or TV they acquired in the Fall. Some students incorrectly believe it’s okay to put an unwanted furniture item on the curb for “recycling” or curbside garbage pickup. But, doing this is in fact littering under the definition of the law. The City of Bellingham, the Campus Community Coalition, the WWU Office of Sustainability and other partners are working to provide education and a list of local options for students to properly donate or dispose of unwanted items. This will help students avoid a littering fine and the negative impacts to neighborhoods and the environment. Students should visit www.wwu.edu/offcampusliving  in mid-May for more detailed information.

“Tenant Workshop” offered for WWU students

The CCC and the WWU AS (AS Legal Information Center, AS REP, AS Local Liaison’s Office) are partnering together to bring WWU students “Housing and Hashbrowns” – All the Information You Need to Live Off Campus – with Breakfast! Special speakers include the Bellingham Fire Department, City of Bellingham Rental Registration staff, Bellingham Emergency Management, Northwest Clean Air Agency’s Indoor Air Quality expert, the CCC and the ASLIC. The event is on February 20th from 10 to noon in the VUMPR.