Mission and Core Values


The Campus Community Coalition promotes working relationships and communication among the colleges and community to enhance shared responsibility through collaborative education and problem-solving to improve the health, safety, and quality of life of the entire community.

Core Values

Four core values guide the Coalition’s work – both what we do, and how we work together:

  • Community. We engage all stakeholders (students, faculty and staff, business people, neighborhood leaders, law enforcement) to collaboratively plan, implement, and evaluate the Coalition’s activities.
  • Respectful dialogue. We demonstrate respect for each other, our diverse perspectives, and our varied interests in all our discussions.
  • Shared understanding. We are sensitive to the complexities of the issues and strive toward a shared understanding of all stakeholders’ perceptions and needs.
  • Evidence-based approaches. We respond to local issues with creativity, and invest resources in evidence-based approaches that use sound processes, have a positive effect, and are sustainable.