About the Coalition

The Campus Community Coalition was founded in 1999 by Western Washington University President Karen W. Morse and Bellingham Mayor Mark Asmundson to prevent and address problems related to student alcohol misuse.

In 2008, the Coalition expanded to increase collaboration with other area colleges and to include other aspects of health, safety, and quality of life relevant the campuses and community.

What is the model for the Coalition’s work?

The Coalition’s work is based on the model of environmental change. This means that our projects are not focused directly on individuals, but instead on changing the environment in which individuals and groups live and make decisions about their health and role in the community.

For example:

  • The Neighborhood Network seeks to create a neighborhood social environment with deepened student involvement and positive relationships between students and non–student community members.
  • The work of the Hospitality Resource Alliance fosters a social environment in downtown bars where responsibility and respect are the norm.
  • The Campus Collaborative fosters an environment of collaborative health prevention education between all institutions of learning in our community.

How is the Coalition funded?

The Coalition is currently funded primarily by WWU and currently receives in-kind support from several Coalition partners.