Advice on Tap

What Is Advice on Tap?

The Bellingham Nightlife: Advice on Tap campaign is a local effort to promote an atmosphere of fun, as well as respectful, responsible, and safe behavior while enjoying the downtown Bellingham nightlife scene.  The goal is to reduce disruptive alcohol-induced behaviors and educate bar goers about basic bar etiquette.

The campaign is sponsored by the Campus Community Coalition’s Hospitality Resource Alliance (HRA), a collaboration involving downtown bars, local law enforcement agencies, and Western Washington University.

Advice on Tap crew nights happen monthly starting in the Fall. Staff in participating bars wear campaign T-shirts, and the Advice on Tap Crew can be seen around downtown passing out promotional items and talking to bar patrons about the messages and goals of the campaign.  During Advice on Tap nights, the Bellingham Police Department, WWU Police Department, and the Washington State Liquor Control Board often place extra officers on foot and bicycles in the downtown area.

A Night on the Town, written by local bartender and HRA member Brad Howard and directed by WWU student Robert Bojorquez, is a parody that takes obnoxious behaviors often seen in bars and places them in a non-bar setting (a coffee shop) as a comedic way of pointing out how ridiculous people can act sometimes.  The point is to encouraging people to relax and have a good time when they go out.  Just because you are in a bar doesn’t give you an excuse to act like a jerk.  Check it out…


Advice for Patrons

* Find a bouncer if a customer is bugging you

* You must have your ID every time

* Bars have to cut you off if you are drunk

* Tip your bartender, not your drink

* Your friends reflect on you

* Never start a fight inside or outside a bar

* Take a cab home – it’s cheaper than a DUI

* Can’t decide whether or not to drink another? Don’t!